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At Coinexwo you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies anonymously and securely.

Safety is our first priority.

Coinexwo is the first verified cryptoexchange platform in the world. Through many different security features, we offer you the best protection for your cryptocurrencies.

2-factor authentication
Protection against DDoS attacks
Full data encryption
Intelligent anti-fraud system
Automatic "cold wallet" data storage

Trade Crypto anonymously and securely.

Trade cryptocurrency pairs anonymously, safely and quickly. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptos - anytime, anywhere.

100% anonymity
Fully anonymized without KYC
100% Safe
Highest safety standards with state-of-the-art technology

Easy to use

Investing has never been so easy. Open a free account within just a few minutes and invest in cryptocurrencies around the clock.

Hundreds of trading tools
For professionals and beginners
Anytime and anywhere
Trading via Website, Mobil or Tablet
Low transaction fees for maximum profit

English speaking customer support

At Coinexwo, we offer strong customer support around the clock.

Automatic ticket system
For fast and reliable support
Top trained staff
Competent help in German and English

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Our first-class customer support is available to you around the clock.

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Frequently asked questions

The most important questions & answers summarised.

How do I create an account?
Click on "Create account" and enter an email and password - that's it, you can start trading.
Do I have to verify myself?
No, you don't have to verify yourself at Coinexwo. You can create an account completely anonymously and trade cryptos without KYC.
Where can I get help?
Everyone can get help in our help centre. Here you can find frequently asked questions and answers or create a support ticket directly.
What fees can I expect?
We offer very favourable trading fees. You can find an overview of the individual fees in the private account settings.

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